TreFoil Full Arch Restoration

If you’ve experienced the devastating effects of losing your teeth and struggled with the inconveniences of dentures, we’ve got a solution that will not only restore your smile but your confidence and peace of mind as well. We are proud to now offer the groundbreaking Trefoil™ full-arch dental implant system.

TreFoil Procedure

What is Trefoil™ full-arch restoration?

The cutting-edge, affordable and time-efficient Trefoil system, released by Nobel Biocare, provides a fixed full-arch restoration of the lower jaw in one day. This innovative concept not only offers same-day rehabilitation, but it allows adjustment for a precise fit. Truly revolutionary, the pre-manufactured prosthetic is in high demand, so its quality is standardized and state-of-the-art.

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How does Trefoil™ full-arch restoration work?

TreFoil Full Arch RestorationOur patients are shocked by the immediate results of Trefoil™ full-arch restoration system! So how does this exciting new concept work? Since each patient is unique, we begin with a consultation, assessing your specific needs. Once fully evaluated, the process moves quite quickly.

During implant surgery, the prefabricated Trefoil framework fits over three strategically placed implants, making the restoration fixed and final. The titanium bar and teeth remain in place throughout the healing process and becomes the final bridge, bypassing the need for the temporary conversion prostheses other systems require.

Benefits of Trefoil™ full-arch restoration

  • Entire lower arch
  • Fixed Final Bridge
  • Only one day
  • Immediate function
  • Just three implants per arch
  • Adjustable for exact fit
  • Lower cost
  • …and more!

With Trefoil™ full-arch restoration, we are changing lives in a day, everyday.

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Michaels Oral Surgery Phone Number 740-654-6628 Book Online